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Gluten Free Labeling Explained

Image contains explanation of how our food are gluten free. Our Soy Sauce Marinade is Gluten Free! Our Chefs at KoJa Kitchen understand the importance and severity that goes with such labeling. Whether you want to have a gluten free diet for health reasons or something more severe as gluten intolerance from celiac disease, we want you to have confidence in our menu. Picture of soy sauce. Our Soy Sauce Gluten Free but not Wheat Free. Reaction from gluten sensitivity and intolerance arises from the presence of the protein or peptide called Gliadin. Our chefs use only soy sauce that have gone through a natural fermentation process that breaks down and removes gliadin from wheat used in soy sauce. If you however have Wheat Sensitivity, we would recommend against eating our beef products. Picture of Beef Burger with Rice bun. Displays red sauce that contain gluten. The natural Fermentation process (Soy Sauce). Gliadin is a component of gluten. Picture showing that gliadin is broken down after natural fermentation process which leaves less than 10 ppm a non detectable range) of gluten peptides in the marinade. Next section. Customer Confidence. Picture of Anresco Laboratories logo with some beakers and scientific equipment. Next section. We take out labeling and our customers’ health very seriously. We have committed our soy sauce marinade to quarterly ELISA Competitive/Peptide gluten free testing at FDA registered food laboratory. Scan the QR code to access latest quarter testing results from website. The QR code links to Next section. Menu Items Tested Gluten Free (Made without gluten ingredients) Short Rib. Beef & Minced Beef Protein. Plain Fries. Chicken Protein. Japanese Mayo. Wasabi Mayo. Katsu Aioli. Picture of Rice Bowl with short rib that shows to omit masago to make gluten free. Picture of Short Rib KoJa that says it is gluten free on its own. Next section. Cross contamination. Unfortunately our restaurants are not certified gluten free facilities. We do our very best to make sure our equipment are properly sanitized before further use. Please inform us of your allergy and we will take extra precaution in preparing your food (i.e. designating one person to build that order, utilize new gloves, etc …) If you have further questions or concerns, please contact us at Bottom image shows disclaimer stating the following: Please note that not all naturally fermented soy sauce are gluten free. Our marinades are tested specifically to detect presence of gluten peptides which may be present in other naturally fermented soy sauces
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