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Our Story

Korean & Japanese, but with a twist! Our menu is full of handcrafted items with bold flavors that will keep you coming back for more.
Welcome to KoJa Kitchen!

KoJa (aka Korean-Japanese) is a special gourmet sandwich infused with a unique combination of Korean & Japanese flavors. To step it up a notch, KoJa Kitchen substitutes the traditional wheat buns with freshly made crispy garlic rice buns.We take what is best of both cuisines and reinvent them in a way that is fun and delicious to eat for our KoJa Kitchen fans.

Our Story
Original Koja

KoJa Kitchen began as food truck in 2011, founded by Alan Tsai, Hiep Lien, and two other partners, who all have a passion for culinary innovation. The name "KoJa", a shorthand for Korean-Japanese, was born from the founders’ desires to reinvent the way that Korean and Japanese cuisine is traditionally prepared and to create a unique Asian fusion concept that is both fun and delicious. From the get-go, KoJa Kitchen took the San Francisco foodie scene by storm with their signature creation, a burger made with garlic-flavored rice buns and meats seasoned with KoJa Kitchen's unique sauce No. 96™. With growing popularity, KoJa Kitchen opened their first brick and mortar restaurant in 2014.

KoJa Kitchen continually strives to bring guests with the best customer service and dining experience. The entire KoJa Kitchen family would like to graciously thank you for your continued patronage!

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