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Korean-Japanese Reinvented!

Korean & Japanese, but with a twist! Our menu is full of handcrafted items with bold flavors that will keep you coming back for more. Welcome to KoJa Kitchen! (Pic: Original Koja)

Frozen Kiwi Basil Mint Lemonade - Limited Summer Item

Frozen Kiwi Basil Mint Lemonade is exclusively being served at our San Jose Brokaw Location! Enjoy your favorite meal with your favorite refreshments.


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KoJa (aka Korean-Japanese) is a special gourmet sandwich infused with a unique combination of Korean & Japanese flavors. To step it up a notch, KoJa Kitchen substitutes the traditional wheat buns with freshly made crispy garlic rice buns.

We take what is best of both cuisines and reinvent them in a way that is fun and delicious to eat for our KoJa Kitchen fans.


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